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Introducing Advisable

As accountants and bookkeepers, you have a unique insight into your clients’ financial data. That viewpoint means you can offer them more than just compliance work – you can offer them advice. But how do you design, price and market business advisory services to existing customers as well as new ones, and get them to see the value in that advice?

This is where Advisable comes in. Advisable is an online educational platform that lets you hear from real accountants who’ve made the leap to offering advisory services; with practical examples on topics such as pricing, service, marketing and technology.

Advisable is home to industry pioneers, those that are doing more than the statutory accounts and tax returns and helping businesses and clients meet the challenges – and opportunities – of today’s world.

Who’s behind this?

Advisable is brought to you by the team at Fathom, the world-leading business analytics software. Fathom helps businesses track performance at a glance, and offers comprehensive financial intelligence, performance reporting, dashboards and consolidations. Fathom’s global team brings experience and access to the most progressive accountants around the world, all right here for you.

Why are we doing this?

We know that Fathom is a really powerful tool in the advisor’s toolkit, and if you're not currently a user you can take out a free trial here. But if accountant’s aren’t able to sell those advisory services, that tool will never come out of the box and fulfil its full potential. Our research has shown that many firms and practices struggle with how to design, price, and market advisory services to their clients. By building a platform and community to share real-life experiences, examples and advice, we’ll help future-proof your career and your firm, and how you support your clients.

What are the main key areas?

We’ve identified six key areas that firms struggle with; education, technology, process, service, marketing and pricing.So each of our pioneers will highlight how they’ve solved a specific problem or issue in one of those areas. Often our pioneers have tackled the same problem using different methods or approaches – there’s not one single magic answer.Clients' needs and wants are all very different and we don’t believe there is a silver bullet. We believe this approach gives you a broader understanding of how you might address an issue.

Why video content?

Think about it. We get so much of our daily information as short-form video content, from the latest news to advice on how to change a fuse in a plug; It’s our hope that Advisable will become part of your daily routine. We wanted the advice our pioneers give – unscripted and in their own words – to be easy-to-watch videos centred on highly specific topics with actionable results.

Get involved

We’d love to hear what you think of Advisable and if you’re finding the content helpful. We’re here for the industry and welcome feedback on our work. So if you’ve any issues you’d like help with, get in touch and we can put them to our pioneers. Advisable, powered by Fathom.


In late 2019, we launched Advisable in the UK to over 100 accountants and business advisors who gathered to learn actionable strategies for supercharging advisory services.

Speakers and panellists featured were experts and leaders of some of the fastest growing advisory firms like Shorts, BDO, Elevate, TaxAssist, MAP and more.

Keynote and panel speakers included Rob Brown, James Ashford, Matt Flanagan, Jane Aylwin and Caroline Harridence.

Speakers at this three hour event probed the challenges to executing business advisory and shared processes that have helped them master it.

We hope to host more events to connect accountants in the future.

"It used to be banks, or firms in the legal sector, but now accountants are the number one trusted advisor for businesses."

Andy Perrett
Cloud Accounting Associate Partner, Taylorcocks

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