The current global pandemic is affecting the normal functioning of the economy, but as lockdowns are slowly lifted businesses need to start up again and operate as best they can in these new, uncharted circumstances. Accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors are at the forefront of that. You’ve led the way in helping businesses with everything from reducing expenditure to government grants and other forms of emergency funding.

But as we move from that first sprint, to something more like a marathon, businesses are going to need more than just quick life support measures, they’re going to need additional guidance and advice. Fundamentally, the relationship between your business and your clients’ is going to have to change too. Here’s what our pioneering accountants are doing for their clients, and where they think the industry is heading in a world where Covid-19 might be a permanent presence.

Coronavirus: working with remote teams and clients

Coronavirus: how can we help our clients?

Coronavirus: how to take a proactive approach

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